60 Years changing lives

After more than 60 years of hard work we are pleased to celebrate the collaboration of our team, allowing to 6 generations of students to reach the goals and dreams through the final of their professional studies, which has allowed us to improve the quality of life of our students in Puerto Vallarta that are in towns of scarce resources.

To achieve our annual student sponsorships goals, we have developed certain strategies, alliances, and events to raise the necessary amounts that have been improved and strengthened throughout our 60 year history. Our projects are the following:

  • Breakfast season
  • Annual golf tournament
  • Annual black-tie ball

Likewise, we actively participate in public and private announcements. We receive donations and start the journey in crowdfunding campaigns.

With these actions we transform the education of many young people and teenagers to make their goals and dreams possible.


For more than 60 years we have managed to grant scholarships to low-income teenagers and youth in rural areas who dream of finishing their studies.

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Know more about our history and the experiences of some of our supported students throughout our trajectory.

We work together with the media to disseminate resource management and publicize our program.