Transparency agreement


  1. Becas Vallarta A.C is a legally established civil association in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, MX, according to public deed No. 8,696 Volume XXV, Book VII, at notary public No. 1 of this city. It is also registered with the Public Property Registry of the city of Puerto Vallarta, Jal, under registration number 9, with pages 167 to 176 of Book 9 of Puerto Vallarta, JAL.
  2. Our social objective is to act as a charitable institution, bringing the necessary help and support to low-income families and children in Puerto Vallarta, Jal, MX region, through the granting of scholarships or necessary support, whether economic or educational, through different means permitted by Mexican laws.
  3. Our Federal Taxpayer Registry is BVA021030JR5 and we have CLUNI BVA0210301401J. We are affiliated with the Social Development System (SSAS) with a unique code number 3.055 from the III Educational Area, so we have authorization to receive tax-deductible donations according to what is stipulated in the Federal Official Gazette dated 16/11/2020.
  4. Our financial statements are audited every year by Hernández Álvarez, S.C. in order to guarantee and endorse the destination of the resources received by our donors, to comply with regulations and to comply with the legal framework in accordance with Mexican Financial Information Standards.
  5. In order to comply with obligations and regulations in the matter of money laundering prevention, our organization has an anti-money laundering manual in order to establish internal policies and procedures in compliance with the current regulations of the Federal Law for the Identification of Operations with Resources of Illicit Origin in its Chapter III, Second Section “Vulnerable Activities,” Article 17, Fraction XIII.
  6. We are affiliated with the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI) and we have the Accreditation in Institutionalism and Transparency. For this accreditation, we have followed an audit process regarding institutional strength, access to information, and financial solidity.