Becas Vallarta at the 4th Meeting of The Altruistic Network: Strengthening Commitments and Knowledge

On September 21 and 22, Becas Vallarta joined the 4th Regional Meeting of Social Organizations organized by The Network of Altruistic Associations of Puerto Vallarta A.C. This event stands as a clear example of continuous training as a fundamental pillar for Civil Associations.

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The inter-associative collaboration was emphasized, highlighting the importance of joining efforts to overcome common challenges. For our association, this participation was an excellent initiative to connect with professionals better prepared in their causes and an additional boost for our objectives. Moreover, a key point that marked this meeting was the promotion of sustainable development and community participation, which are fundamental pillars for achieving lasting social change.

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Imelda Barraza (Director of Becas Vallarta) and Mariel Fregoso (President of Becas Vallarta A.C.)

Strengthened ties with other civil associations. Becas Vallarta A.C. continues its commitment to a future where collaboration is the key to creating a positive and meaningful impact on our society. This event has provided us with a valuable platform to learn, collaborate, and move towards a better community for everyone.

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